About Us


(Nadim Sawaya & Tony Armocida - Czech Club Founders)


Melbourne Tango is a not-for-profit tango group that aims to provide traditional tango events of distinction to all members of the tango community.

Started in 2007 by four dedicated male tango dancers and DJ’s, Melbourne Tango was originally created to provide a traditional monthly milonga of the highest quality.

Currently run by a passionate team of tangueros/as, Melbourne Tango has also begun to conduct high-quality tango events throughout the year, including tango workshops and live music.


Melbourne Tango is a not-for-profit group that aims to bring the highest quality traditional tango events to all members of the Melbourne tango community.

Melbourne Tango’s monthly milonga provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere where dancers will experience the finest traditional tango music. The monthly milonga provides uninterrupted music for dancing, and encourages respect among dancers by promoting the traditional codes of the milonga.






Founding Members

Nadim Sawaya
Tony Armocida
Zaman Kamry
Jake Hart

Current Members

Junko Kato
Angela Nicholas
Dave Clark
Nadim Sawaya